Terms of Use

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£250 to pay and then the remainder in 3 days (gives you time to get everyone’s share together), plus a refundable £500/£600 damage deposit.


To secure a booking it’s just £250 to pay and then the rest of the first 50% in 3 days.

Then the final 50% due 3 months before your holiday, with a refundable £500/£600 damage deposit.


To secure a booking it’s just £250 to pay and then the rest of the first 40% in 3 days.

Then a further 20% on 1st January.

The final 40% is due 3 months before your holiday, with a refundable £500/£600 damage deposit.

The lead guest (the person making the booking) must be over 30 years of age.

Generally, we do not accept all-adult bookings or bookings over bed/bedroom occupancy (Villa Lucero - 14 guests, Villa Cascada/Villa Velero/Villa Torreta - 16 guests). Unless you have contacted us prior to booking for authorisation, any credit/debit card fees will be passed onto you if we feel the booking to be inappropriate and wish to cancel it (or a small admin fee for a refund of the initial bank payment).

A security/'good guest' deposit of £500/£600 is payable and will be returned within 14 days of you leaving the property (normally sooner) and returning all the keys. Damage or thefts over £500/£600 will be recovered through legal action, if need be. Please note your security deposit of £500/£600 may or may not be refunded in full, taking into account any deductions for damages, extra cleaning costs/removal of rubbish, towels/linen which need replacing through make-up or other such stains, call-out charges, late check-out, electricity costs (e.g. excessive use of air-conditioning – e.g. all units left on needlessly for 24- hours a day) or where you have broken our terms and conditions (e.g. House Rules). You are responsible for normal everyday cleaning and keeping the property in an orderly fashion.  If something is broken and part of a pair or set (e.g. bedside table lamps) you may be liable for the costs to replace a comparable pair if a matching replacement can no longer be sourced. You will be liable for any damages, breakages, losses and any extra cleaning or repairs which are incurred due to your non-compliance with this condition.

The Property will be delivered in good order, clean, fully furnished and with fresh linens. The Owners have contracted with local utilities to provide water, electricity and gas (plus internet). The Owners are not responsible for outages on the part of these utility providers, and cannot be held responsible/liable for any matters out of their hands (e.g. road/building works, the closing of local amenities etc). It may be possible that certain facilities or features may not be available on occasions due to circumstances beyond the Owner’s control for which the Owners accepts no liability. The Owners will not be liable for the breakdown of any equipment, nor for any accident, damage, loss, the Lead Guest or other Occupants may suffer, except where such failure renders the villa uninhabitable. The Owners will make every endeavour to repair or replace equipment that fails during the period of let, but cannot guarantee this can be achieved. Subject to availability, The Owners reserve the right to swap the villa booked to one of the three others in Javea belonging to The Owners in the event of a serious fault or malfunction at the property rendering it unhabitable.

No events (e.g. weddings) or outside companies/agencies (e.g. caters) or house visitors are allowed on the premises during the let, except those pre-approved and booked through the Owners.

Guests are responsible for their own travel insurance and you agree the Owners will not be held liable for any injury or damage to yourself, other guests or theft or damage to your personal belongings. As the Owners offer no refunds for cancellations it is important you have travel insurance to cover any eventualities meaning you have to cancel your stay.

Agreed late check-out / early check-in is charged at a standard rate of £50-£75 per hour, depending on the circumstances. Unauthorized late check-out (leaving the villa late, meaning our cleaners are unable to begin their job) is charged at £150-£200 per hour, depending on the circumstances. 

You agree you will observe all sensible security procedures (e.g. shutting windows, locking doors/patio doors, setting the burglar alarm) when leaving the villa unoccupied, and may be liable for costs if this is not followed. For your safety (and for the property) we have exterior security cameras (e.g. Ring doorbell) at the perimeter entrances of the villa which record when motion is detected. Any recordings are kept for up to 21 days before being automatically deleted unless an incident has occurred (e.g. burglary).

Additional guests may be added to your booking prior to your stay (if this does not breach the maximum capacity allowed at the villa, and the accepted mix of adults/children). Acceptance of additional guests is at the sole discretion of the Owners, and is subject to an additional charge of £210 per week, per additional guest. Unauthorized additional guests will incur the security/'good guest' deposit not being refunded after your stay.

Full access must be given to the property and grounds at all times to our staff and contractors (e.g. gardener etc) in order to fully maintain the property.

Please note we do not have an EV charger - so the charging of electric/hybrid vehicles at the villa is NOT allowed. This can pose a major fire risk.

The villa has a strict No Smoking policy indoors (guests may smoke on the terrace if they wish, cleaning up afterward).

The villa has a strict No Pets policy.

In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, with a full refund to you. Our liability for cancellation will be limited to payments made to us.

More specific 'House Rules' (depending on the villa rented) will be emailed out to the Lead Guest before their stay commences that must be followed and adhered to.